Jewelry care

How to extend the durability of your precious jewelry

Our jewelry are made of stainless steel or copper of which some are gold plated or have a silver color (no sterling silver). Please read the product description to see what kind of material it is made of.

To get the most out of your jewelry, please take care of them properly.


♡ Avoid contact with water, perfume, make up, lotion, hairspray and cremes, because it damages the jewelry.

♡ Take off your jewelry when you are sleeping, taking a shower, doing sport activities and washing your hands.

♡ Thoroughly dry your jewelry with a clean, dry and soft cloth once it has been exposed to water.

♡ Store your jewelry in a dark non-humid environment, so don't keep them in the bathroom or in a place with sunlight.

♡ Make sure that your jewelry is the first thing to come off before getting undressed.

♡ Gently wipe your jewelry clean to remove skin oils and makeup.

♡ Note: The surface of the gold plated jewelry can deteriorate after some time. Take good care of your jewelry to prevent quick deterioration.

Unfortunately we don't give assurance on discolouration on our jewelry or deterioration of the jewelry's surface. 

If your jewelry is broken, please let us know! Send us an email to [email protected] with a picture, explanation of the damage and date of purchase. We will look what we can do about it.